Minutes from previous meeting

Resolution No. Z-13-2011-12 - Agriculture, Extension Education, Zoning & Land Conservation Committee.  Approve of a proposed text amendment regarding regulation of landscape and screening standards, which is an addition to Chapter 27.06(11) in the Town of Grand Chute Municipal Code.

Resolution 25--2011-12 - Health & Human Services Committee.  Request US Department of Health & Human Services Secretary Sebelius to reject Governor Walker's Family Care Medicaid Waiver Amendment, as proposed and suppose Outagamie County Executive Nelson's June 27 request.

Resolution 26--2011-12 - Highway & Solid Waste Committee.  Approve of dedicating 0.10 acres, more or less, as fee acquisition and 0.49 acres, more or less, as temporary limited easement along CTH A to be used for highway purposes and reserve the remainder of the land for possible future sale.  NOTE:  A large map of this area will be posted in the County Board Room.

Resolution 27--2011-12 - Public Safety Committee.  Oppose Bill AB 173, in current or amended forms, requiring that a law enforcement officer have a Federal Agency, or a person authorized by a Federal Agency, determine whether a person, who is arrested for or charged with a crime or civil violation, is lawfully present in the State if the law enforcement officer has reasonable suspicion that the person is not here lawfully.

Resolution No. 28--2011-12 - Public Safety Committee.  Approve of the FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board's recommendation to utilize Motorola as the vendor for the multi county 700 MHz project and that the Outagamie County Sheriff continue to pursue joint purchasing and regional concepts when appropriate for Outagamie County.